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Student Awards

This page lists awards and achievements of our piano students around the world, of whom we are very proud!

  • Roopa (age 14, California): Passed Grade 5 Theory, ABRSM (November, 2015) 
  • Anish (age 12, California): Passed Grade 2 Exam, with Distinction, and Grade 2 Theory Exam, ABRSM (November, 2015) 
  • Adithya (age 9, India): Passed Trinity College of Music Grade 8 Exam with Distinction (July, 2015); Passed Trinity Grade 6 Exam, with Distinction (February, 2015)
  • (SEE ARTICLE BELOW) Kaeshav (age 10, England): Passed Trinity College of Music's LTCL Exam (August, 2015); FIRST PRIZE in the 16 and under Ragtime/Jazz category and FIRST PRIZE in the 14 and under 20th-21st century category of the Watford Festival in England (February, 2015); Earned Diploma of Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) (July, 2014); Passed Grade 8, with Merit, ABRSM (July, 2013); Passed Grade 6, with Merit, ABRSM (March, 2013); Passed Grade 5 Theory of Music, with Merit, ABRSM (March, 2013); Passed Grade 5 Jazz Piano, with Merit, ABRSM (March, 2013); Passed Grade 5, with Distinction, ABRSM (October, 2012); Passed Grade 2, with Distinction, ABRSM (July, 2012); began piano lessons in October, 2011
  • Huy (age 11, Canada): FIRST PLACE and Gold Medal in the Grade 8 Kiwanis Piano Solo Division (February, 2015), Passed Grade 8 Exam, Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) (2014)
  • Ana (age 14, Gibraltar): Passed Grade 5 Exam, ABRSM (2014)
  • Denzel (age, 20, New Jersey, U.S.): Began Sophomore year at Westminster Choir College of Rider University as a piano major (August, 2015); admitted to Westminster Choir College as a piano major (August, 2014)
  • Amparo (adult, Gibraltar): Passed Grade 6 Exam, Piano Certificate of Spain (2015)
  • Patrick (adult, Norway): Passed Grade 5 Exam, ABRSM (2014)
  • Not an "Award" as such, but listed here, is vocal coach Anthony Wade's impressive interview with CNN in America. Anthony (also known as Dr. Voice) lives in England and is a student of Cory's: Dr. Voice's Interview with CNN


This is Kaeshav, age 10, featured in a newspaper article!

This is Kaeshav, age 10, featured in a newspaper article!